Polokwane Club Ride Times


MTB groups leave Polokwane Game Reserve Gate at 06h00 in the summer months and 07h00 in the winter months.

Road groups leave TBC Polokwane at 06h00 in the summer months and 07h00 in the winter months. We don’t always have Sunday rides, please check the weekly club e-mail to see if there will be a ride.

All Saturday Club rides will have marshals. Keep the shop number on you, in case of an emergency or breakdown while on the club ride. 015 296 3411


Advanced Ave Speed 29-33km/p/hour 90km
Intermediate Ave Speed 26-29 km/p/hour 50-60km
Beginners Ave Speed 24-26 km/p/hour 20-30km


Intermediate Ave Speed 18-23 km/p/hour 1.5 – 2.5 hours
Beginners Ave Speed 15-18 km/p/hour 1 – 1.5 hours


NB: Please always bring money along!

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